How to promote your blender addon

How to promote your blender addon

You worked hard on your addon, and what you want is for a good amount of people to discover your work. What you want is that something happens out there with your addon. You don’t want to talk to the wall, right? Hence this article How to promote your blender addon.

Six tips before you promote your Blender addon

Tip #1

Before even writing the addon, research the demand. This way, you can fine-tune the addon if you already have a concept in mind. If you don’t do research, you will find out you wasted time later on. Half the hard work for nothing. I made this mistake so many times. 

Tip #2

Are there already addons? If so, what makes your addon different?

Tip #3

Be sure your addon is easy to use, mind that most people don’t even read the documentation. The more that reading the documentation is a requirement, the harder it is to get engagement for your addon. Check the reviews of addons on Blender Market, and you’ll see the Easy to use is the most important. The next most important is that your addon saves time. Again, check the reviews to see it yourself. 

Tip #4

Before you promote your addon online, be sure you have a good title for your post. That is the name of the addon, and most people write addon instead of addon or plugin. Examples: Black Mesh addon. Use addon in the title because people are searching for addons.

Tip #5

When describing your addon, don’t leave people with questions. Ask yourself, “What questions the reader will have after reading my description.” People might ask.. what?

Tip #6

Show the users how it is to experience the addon. They want to see it and feel it. It can be a simple video where users will see how it is to work with this addon. Make the video short and captivating. Don’t let people wait for a second. For example, take a look at the cablerator addon on how simple and captivating the video is.

Places to promote your Blender addon

  • Blender artists forum
  • Blender Nation
  • Gumroad and Blender Market and other online shops.
  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blender community, user groups. 

But how to get the most exposure for your addon in the long run?

While the previous places are a good start, submit your addon to Here six reasons why:

  • It’s free for free addons. For paid addons, I ask 10% commission or a voucher for the addon. 
  • is not social media where no one will see your post 2 weeks later. Nor is blender-addons a news website. So your article will last for a long time, on top of Google. 
  • You get access to manage your full website article.
  • All WordPress features like Headers, Youtube embed, picture, gallery, layout, audio files, and more. 
  • Your addon will appear on top in Google Search. All you need to do is follow a few simple instructions. 
  • is only about Blender addons; hence it attracts a lot of traffic for that specific search. This means that if people are looking for Blender addons, they will end up on 

How to request access? 

Since I disabled this website’s contact form temporally, the best is to reach out to me on, username Peetie. I will provide you credentials for the website with author rights. Provide your e-mail address and the name of your addon. Other ways to contact me are social media; see the social media buttons in the footer or at the top of this website.


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