Cyber Weekend 2020

Cyber Weekend 2020

It’s Cyber Weekend 2020 on Blender Market from 27 until 30 November. A lot of products are 25% off, like the products for Blender by New Media Supply. Here a quick overview of the addons.

The Blocker Addon

Like this Blocker addon which you can use to spawn Blocks in the scene, join them to one object and then stylize it. Here I dupplicate such an object and show you different styles. You can make a truss, taper, bevel, and such operations. There is also a shape generator and you can convert your shape to low poly. Here an example of generated shapes I did with the Blocker addon. But there are way more possibilities.

EV Express

Ev Express is an addon I use every single day. It has two light rigs, 40 presets with backdrops and lighting setups. Because the addon takes care of the render settings, irradiance volume, reflection probe, light settings, you can setup a scene very fast for the EEVEE render engine.
Here you see I adjust the lights and I don’t need to leave the EV Express addon. It provides also nodegroups for the compositor that work on linear data, like the pivoted contrast node. Definitely check out the EV Express during the Cyber Weekend 2020.


MOAS stands for Modular Asset Generator. And the MOAS-GEN addon makes parts out of profiles and with these parts you can build assets. There are templates provided for profiles as well as assets. This means that you only have to choose, adjust or make your profile, and create modular assets. I use this mainly to make corridors, railings, roads, platform, but you can also make buildings with it.

Material Nodes Addon

The Material Nodes addon provides more than 40 nodegroups that are procedural. You can use them as building blocks to make your materials. Because most nodegroups can be used as shader or as mask, there a loads of possibilities. In the package you find also 165 materials you can load into your favorite Asset Manager. Like Glass, Leather, Stucco, Dielectric surfaces, Fabric, Metals, Marble and more. My favorite nodegroup is the VarShad nodegroup which make every material that looks sterile more natural. I use it all the time. Another one I use often, like here is the VertexCol nodegroup.

Inserts for Kit Ops

Here I show you the latest addition of the Inserts for Kit Ops. It’s the Industrial Cyber pack. But there are other packs included like buttons, sliders, decorations, cutters and more. I keep the cutters simple because you will want to use a bevel at the end. So these inserts are bevel-friendly.

EEVEE Production Suite

The EEVEE Production Suite is all about EEVEE. It includes the EV Express addn and the material nodes addon. This because these two addons complement eachother perfectly, I offer them for a cheaper price if you want to get both the addons. As a bonus the VSE Transitions are also included in this package. Since the EEVEE Production Suite is already an interesting offer, definitely check it out during Cyber Weekend 2020.

Plugs for Meshmachine

The most magical addon to me is Meshmachine with it’s plug-feature. In Plugs for Meshmachine there are some plugs like buttons, knobs and sliders, but also decoration and some symbols from Egypt. If your mesh has enough poly’s then using these plugs is a piece of cake.

Assets for Level Builder

Level Builder is an amazing addon that still works for Blender 2.91. You can build scene’s very fast and it doesn’t comsume much memory. This because the assets are linked. Most of the assets in this package are created with the MOAS-GEN addon, so they are all modular assets. The Assets for Level Builder contains assets for flooring, railings, corridors, stairs, fences, walls, and even some organic assets.

EEVEE Shaders

These EEVEE shaders are semi-procedural. It loads two or more textures and use several tricks to get rid of tiling. For example you scale one texture differently, distort the UV, multiply noise on top. Another trick is that you can generate diffuse map out of just two normal maps. There are 260 normal maps and 260 masks provided.


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