Blender Studio Lighting setup – 25% OFF

Blender Studio Lighting setup – 25% OFF

How do you get good lighthing in Blender?

People ask me frequently, “How do you get good lighting in Blender?” And because I work for more than 2 years on a Blender Studio Lighting solution, I can tell you that. First of all, it depends on what render engine you are using. If you use Cycles, you can use HDRI’s, emission shaders, volumetric emission, and lamps. But if you are using EEVEE, then the story is completely different. Here is one reason: World- or environment – light in Blender doesn’t cast shadows! And because EEVEE is a superfast render engine that can render 5 seconds per frame (Noise-free), I want to tell you more about it. At the same time, I offer you a Blender Studio Lighting setup – 25% OFF during the Blender Market sales.

The first step in getting better lighting is to realize that your lighting setup is not good. As long as you don’t realize it, you cannot improve it. Therefore I show you a point of reference first. You see two rows. Which row shows a better lighting setup?

How do you get good lighting in Blender? - Reference
The top row shows a bad lighting setup. The bottom row is a good one. What is going on?

What is going on in the top row? A few things, but the most important one is that in the top row the shadows are missing. That’s why the Blender Studio Lighting setup – 25% is not using environment or world light. That way we get much better lighting in Blender. But then it’s getting tricky; if we can’t use environment light, we can’t have nice lighting like in Cycles where we use HDRIs. And that is exactly what the Blender Studio lighting setup solution I offer is trying to solve: How to get good lighting in EEVEE.

What is this Studio Lighting Setup called?

It is the EEVEE Production Suite that contains a Blender Studio lighting setup that is the ONLY one that is specialized in EEVEE, I guarantee you that there is NO other Blender Studio Lighting solution that works properly with EEVEE. And because EEVEE is a nearly real-time render engine but many people don’t know how to use it, I think we have gold here.

What are the Benefits of this Studio Lighting solution?

  • No more waiting in the viewport until it you can see enough pixels, like in Cycles.
  • Render an animation with 5 seconds per frame! Noisefree.
  • Save the energy bill.
  • Work way faster.

Show me more, what is included?

Visuals tell more than a thousand words, check this awesome video that shows what is included.
What is included in this Blender Studio lighting solution?

Where to get the Solution?

The EEVEE Production Suite is available over here:

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