Blender Keyboard shortcuts PDF

Blender Keyboard shortcuts PDF

Since there are hundreds of shortcuts in Blender, here a Blender Keyboard Shortcuts PDF to download. Because there are shortcuts to find, but often incomplete, I created a complete list of shortcuts. Keep in mind that the PDF needs some explanation, hence the video tutorial below. While the PDF shows all shortcuts in Blender, I could use your feedback to improve the navigation and user experience.

Explanation of the content in the Keyboard shortcuts PDF

Most likely, you are looking for shortcuts in the 3d view in object mode and edit mode. In that case, scroll down in the content and click on [Object Mode]. To go back to the beginning, press the Home key on the keyboard. For shortcuts in Edit Mode, click on Mesh in the content list. Because the index is not yet optimized, here a short overview of common sections.

  • Window: Shortcuts like Open, New File, Quit Blender. It all related to the Blender Main screen.
  • Screen Editing. Relates to working with screens. Like Join areas or split areas.
  • User Interface. This relates to shortcuts in the UI, like in the properties panel.
  • Outliner. Shortcuts in the Outliner, like delete, box select, Hide, Rename, etc.
  • Object Mode. Like delete object, hide, Clear Parent, Add, Apply.
  • Mesh. Blender Keyboard Shortcuts in Edit mode. Like Bevel, Extrude, Knife, Rip.
  • Node Editor. Hotkeys like box select, detach, duplicate, edit group, cut links.
  • Other sections: Frames, Markers, Animation, Dopesheet, Curve, Grease Pencil, and more.

To navigate in the pdf, click a link in the content. And when you want to go on top of the document, press Home on the keyboard. This way, you don’t need to scroll the whole document over and over again. And of course, when you are on top of the document, you can press Ctrl+F and search for a keyword like “Bevel.”

What else New Media Supply does?

Not only I provide a list of Blender shortcuts, but started quite some projects. Here are a few:

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