Blender download (is Blender free?)

Blender download (is Blender free?)

Where to find the Blender download, is Blender free, and is Blender safe? In this article, you will learn where to download Blender and the Blender Basics. Next, we look at Basic 3d modeling like grab, rotate, scale. Also, I cover the most common beginner questions like:

  • System Requirements
  • How to redo in Blender
  • Blender mode meaning (Edit Mode, Object Mode)
  • What’s Next (Where to get free add-ons and find beginner tutorials).
  • Tip: get familiar with marketing already. This because if you want to be a professional artist, it’s 50% marketing and 50% art).
Blender Download, Is blender free?

Where to find the Blender Download?

You can download Blender on several locations and there are different Blender builds, version,s and installation types. The first rule is to download Blender from reliable sources. And mind that Blender is always free (except for some customer builds that have a rendering speed up). In other words, if you see a Blender Download and they charge you for that, think twice. Start with, below I provide a few links:

System requirements

Before you download Blender, you might want to see if your pc meets the requirements. After a click on this link, you will see the requirements. Because the minimum requirements are very low, I recommend you to meet at least the recommended requirements. So that is:

  • 16 GB RAM,
  • Three button mouse or pen+tablet,
  • Graphics card with 4 GB RAM
  • 64-bit quad core CPU

Look also at the Supported Graphics Cards if you have an older graphics card, before your Blender download.

What’s Next

If you plan to make 3d your profession, consider getting familiar with marketing. This because the art of selling has also a learning curve. Take a look at this Course made by New Media Supply on Udemy.

Relevant addons