Armature Templates

Armature Templates is an add-on that provides a range of features for manipulating skeletons based on predefined or custom template data. It is particularly useful for exporting animated character rigs to game engines or editing animations of characters imported from game engines.

Key Features:

  • Template Creation and Editing: Allows users to create new JSON file templates based on the naming convention of the active armature and edit selected templates to tweak the bone list.
  • Guess Mapping: Searches for bone names in the active armature and attempts to match them with the naming convention of the current template.
  • Bone Renaming: Provides the ability to rename bones in the active armature if they match the template list.
  • Fit Meta-Rig: Aligns and places active armature bones according to the template mapping.
  • Clean Imported Animation: Clears transform keyframes to fix dislocated bones in imported animations.
  • Constrain Armature: Enables constraining the transformation of an armature according to the template mapping.
  • Scale Skeleton: Allows scaling of the skeleton by parenting the armature to an empty object.