Anti-Tile is a one-click add-on for instantly removing tiling patterns from any image. It uses per-object randomization along with advanced triple layer blending.

Key Features:

  • Triple Layer Procedural Blending: Anti-tile uses triple layer blending to provide effective results.
  • Individual Layer Control: Offers control over each individual layer.
  • Per Object Randomization: Automatically applies randomized mapping for each object, even with the same material.
  • One-Click Deployment and Removal: No complicated dependencies or generated files. Just 1 click to apply or remove.
  • PBR Workflow: Add anti-tile to multiple images and maintain mapping across all of them in 1 click.
  • Simple Controls: Controls include options for displacement, noise scale, and image scale for each layer.
  • Debug Mode: Comes with a debug mode for troubleshooting.
  • Anti-Seam Support: Compatible with the Anti-Seam add-on.