With the AnimAll addon we can animate vertices, bevel weight, edge crease, vertex colors and other. Which is normally not possible without this addon. The addon is build in the latest Blender 2.81. The video below explains all options.

What can we animate now?

For those who don’t have acces to the video, below in short what is discussed in the video.

  • Points. These are vertices. In Edit mode you move some vertices and make a keyframe. Go to another keyframe, change vertices again and insert a new keyframe.
  • E-Bevel. This stands for Edge Bevel Weight and works with the Bevel Modifier. In the Bevel modifier you set the Limit Method to weight.
  • Crease. This stands for Edge Crease and works with the Subsurf modifier. In edit mode you select some edges, press Ctrl+E and change the crease by moving the mouse. You can also type in a value. Make some keyframes and this way you can animate the crease.
  • V-Cols. This stand for Vertex Color Values. To make Vertex Color values you can go in Vertex Paint mode. This will make a Vertex Color named Col in the properties panel > Vertex Colors. Then you can type this Col value in an attribute node (shader editor). You can plug that in nearly anything, like Color, Mix nodes, etc.
  • Shape. Stand for Shape keys. This is not to animate the strength of a shapekey, but you can now edit the mesh, see video.
  • V-Bevel. I can’t this get to work because I can’t find an option in Blender for Vertext Bevel Weight. If you can find it, let me know.
  • UV’s. To animate UV’s location, rotation and scale.
  • V-Groups. Stands for Vertext Groups.

Where to download the AnimAll addon?

The AnimAll addon is already build in the latest Blender 2.81. You can enable it under Edit > Preferences > Addons. Type in search: anim. There you enable, save preferences and refresh. You can find the AnimAll addon in the N-Panel in a TAB called Animation.

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