The AN Template Addon is like an online database with templates for the Animation Nodes Addon. While the database contain a few templates at the moment, the setup of the addon is quite complete. Not only you can download templates right in Blender, but there are links to Youtube, readme, and image preview. This addon might come in handy when you want to study Animation Nodes. Or when the database is a bit bigger you could adjust the nodes to your needs for your own animation.

The current templates of the AN Template Addon

At the moment there are a few templates as you can see in the screenshot below:

UI AN Templates Addon for Blender
The templates and buttons for more info

On top you see the manifiying glass where you can type in Tags to search for templates. Which is handy for when the database is a bit larger. Below there is a folder where you can select a categorie. For now, you have the options: All, Motion Design, or Utility. Under that there is the list of the current templates. And under the list you see 5 buttons. The first button is to download the template (mind the import options below). Next to that, the world button that doesn’t seem to work, and the other ware: Image Preview, Youtube and Readme. So you get all info you need in order to get the nodetree running.

Utilities and submit a template

UI of AN Templates Addon - Submission and utilities
Submit templates for the AN Templates Addon

On Top you see a few utilities like Refresh Templates, Clear Download, and Check Addon Version. Below that, you can submit your own node-tree. To see a full explanation of the UI, check this page.

How the AN Template Addon works

First, you download the Animation Nodes Addon, if you don’t have it already. Best is to restart Blender after that. Then you download and install the AN Template addon. Both installation of addons are like usual but I like to add an additional step and that is restart Blender after each installation. Once done, you open the animation nodes editor. (That is a editor type and you find it under general). And in the N-Panel you will find a TAB called Templates which is the addon. And for a quickstart of the Animation Nodes Addon, check this article.