AgedFX is a Blender add-on designed to add realistic aging effects to single objects or entire scenes. It provides a comprehensive toolbox for material manipulation and atmospheric details, streamlining the process of creating aged appearances.

Key features:

  • Dynamic Material Aging: Detects all materials in a scene and dynamically applies procedural aging effects.
  • Integration with Principled BSDF: Works with materials using Principled BSDF, maintaining original nodes and allowing easy adjustment or reversal of effects.
  • Animation Support: Animate parameters and control settings directly in the material for unique objects.
  • Full Control: Control dust appearance, viewing angle inconsistency, edge dirt, scratches, and bumps. Edge Dirt is fully supported on Cycles.
  • Dynamic Cobwebs: Create dynamic and customizable cobwebs by drawing lines that automatically connect to objects.
  • Dynamic Fog: Add customizable fog that adjusts to your scene, with options for animated ground fog.
  • Moss Generator: Add customizable moss to any object, with options to change the age and simulate wind effects.
  • Animated Dust Particles: Create animated dust particles for various situations with just a few clicks.
  • Non-Destructive Workflow: Ensures full control and easy modification, maintaining the integrity of original materials.

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