Afx2Blend is an add-on for VFX Blender artists, designed to synchronize cameras quickly between After Effects and Blender. With just three simple steps, it seamlessly transfers camera and null data from After Effects to Blender.

Key Features:

  • Three-Step Process: Track the shot in After Effects to generate the camera and nulls, run the provided JavaScript to generate a Python file, and run the Python file in Blender to reconstruct the scene.
  • Axis Transformation: Ensures the axes are transformed accordingly for compatibility between After Effects and Blender.
  • Rotation Order Adjustment: Changes the order of rotation as needed for accurate camera motion.
  • Automatic Python File Generation: The JavaScript file writes Python files in its location, with each composition creating its own Python file named after the composition.
  • Seamless Execution in Blender: Open the generated Python file in Blender’s text editor and run the script to construct the camera movement and all tracking points.

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