Advanced Ocean Modifier is an add-on designed to create interactive water surfaces with ease. It enables users to generate fully animated oceans in Blender with just a single click, offering a variety of presets and material variations for realistic water and foam effects.

Key Features:

  • One-Click Ocean Creation: Enables the generation of a fully animated ocean environment within Blender.
  • Ocean Presets: A variety of ocean presets are available to initiate the setup of ocean environments.
  • Material Variations: Comes with four material variations to craft realistic water and foam effects.
  • Model Interaction: Models can be made to float on the ocean surface or interact, creating waves and foam.
  • Particle Spray and Ripples: Incorporates particle spray and ripples using geometry nodes setups for enhanced realism.
  • Loop Animation: Features an option for looping ocean animation, ensuring continuous motion.
  • Wind Ripples: Capable of generating wind ripples in morphing patches for authentic lake and river visualizations.
  • Geometry Nodes Float System: Employs Geometry Nodes for predictable ocean movement, which users can adjust as needed.
  • Multiple Ocean Support: Allows the addition and adjustment of numerous oceans, subject to computing capacity.
  • Object-Ocean Interaction: Provides options for mesh objects to produce waves and foam upon interaction with the ocean.
  • Ocean Material Customization: Offers a selection of materials with customizable settings for adjusting foam and water appearance, including advanced foam generation options.