Advanced Array Tool

The Advanced Array Tool is a comprehensive set of tools and features designed for procedural instancing/cloning of objects in Blender. It is useful for various fields including rendering, level/environment design, game development, architectural visualization, animation, and motion graphics. Powered by Geometry Nodes and organized within a single node group, it delivers impressive performance even with over 2000 nodes, ensuring a user-friendly experience with all necessary controls located in the modifiers panel.

Key Features:

  • Transformation Tools: Includes various transformation features such as Offset Rotation and Offset Scale, along with the ability to load instances from an object or collection.
  • Advanced Arrays: Supports multiple ways to add rows with control over scale variation for each row.
  • Instance From Object/Collection: Allows loading instances from either an object or a collection with options for randomization and offset.
  • Rarity Settings: Control the rarity or frequency of specific instances, adding an element of randomness and variety.
  • Circular Array: Arrange multiple instances in a circular or radial pattern with control over numerous parameters.
  • Random Stepped Rotation: Achieve randomized incremental rotations by specifying the number of angles.
  • Variation Row: Increase or decrease the number of instances within each subsequent row added.
  • Grid Array: Create a grid-like arrangement of instances with control over rows, columns, layers, spacing, and offsets.
  • Instance Along Curve: Features for the precise distribution of instances along a curve with three modes: Count, Length, and Resolution.
  • Instance on Object: Precisely position instances on the surface of a selected object with different distribution modes and duplication settings.
  • Look at Object & Repel: Align the orientation of instances toward a specified target object and control repulsion and attraction forces.
  • Effector: Offers a wide range of possibilities for controlling instance properties such as position, scale, and rotation.
  • Delete Geometry: Features dedicated to precise instance deletion with options like Delete Every n’th feature for regular interval deletion.
  • Curve Profile: Convert all splines of a curve to a mesh using a profile curve with options to preserve scaling and thickness.
  • Texture Transform: Control the transformation of instances using procedural noise or custom image texture.