AddRoutes, previously known as MIDI/OSC and More (M.O.M), is an add-on that integrates MIDI and OSC protocols into a unified system, making it possible to remotely control Blender using these inputs.

Key Features:

  • Unified MIDI and OSC Settings: Allows for the configuration of MIDI and OSC settings directly within Blender, streamlining the setup process for these protocols.
  • General and Debug Settings: Users can adjust the refresh rate of the engine and the maximum events per cycle in the general settings. Debug settings include options to copy all in/out debug messages to a text editor within Blender and to add timestamps to these messages for better tracking.
  • Blemote Integration: While still under development, this feature promises to enhance the ease of remote control through mobile devices, indicating a future direction for more connected and accessible Blender operations.
  • Efficient Data Sending: Ensures that data is only sent when necessary, reducing CPU usage during non-playback times. It evaluates changes in the properties at each frame and sends updates only when there is a change in the post-treatment value of a route.

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