Action Commander is a Blender add-on that facilitates the management of multiple actions within a blend file, offering various utilities such as action switching and FBX action importing. It is particularly useful for game development or when working with assets that involve numerous animations.

Key Features:

  • Action Commander Panel: Displays actions associated with or stored in an object, facilitating easy switching between them. This panel streamlines the management and accessibility of different actions within the project.
  • Multiple Action Management: Enables efficient handling of numerous actions across a blend file, which is beneficial for complex animation projects or game development.
  • Animation Switching: Central functionality of the add-on, allowing seamless switching between actions and adjusting frame ranges accordingly.
  • Import and Load FBX Action: Imports FBX actions without including mesh or armature data, ideal for integrating multiple animations from sources like Mixamo. This operator enhances workflow efficiency by removing unnecessary data post-import.