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Blender QMC Blender QMC

Quick material colors

, Blender QMC (Quick Material Colors) is an add-on designed to streamline the process of assigning custom colors to materials in Blender. Once activated, it adds a panel named Quick Material Colors in the MAT tab within the 3D viewport sidebar.

Orient And Origin To Selected Orient And Origin To Selected

Edit Mode workflow

, The “Orient And Origin To Selected” add-on enhances Blender’s Edit Mode workflow. It provides tools for swiftly correcting the local orientation of objects and adjusting the origin to the center of selected elements, streamlining the modeling process.

Favorite Collection Favorite Collection

Collection management

, Favorite Collection streamlines the management of frequently used collections. Positioned in the side panel, it provides quick controls for visibility, selection, and object access within collections.

Shader Node Wizard Shader Node Wizard

Mix material layers

, Shader Node Wizard integrates various features into Blender’s Material Node Editor, enabling users to easily use masks for mixing material layers or adding effects. The add-on allows for the adjustment of masks with different grunge textures, providing a wide range of variations.

Ceb 4D Humans Ceb 4D Humans

Animation tools

, The CEB 4D Humans add-on is designed to accelerate the animation workflow in Blender. By using a single video as input, it exports high-quality animations, offering a range of features to enhance the final product.

Export To Blend Export To Blend

Asset library development tool

, Export To Blend is an addon that facilitates the creation of a new blend file based on selected objects, collections, or nodes. It’s especially useful for users looking to build an asset library while working on a scene. The addon provides the capability to mark exports as assets, streamlining the…

Gizmodal Ops Gizmodal Ops

Workflow tools

, Gizmodal Ops is a Blender add-on that seamlessly blends two workflows in Blender into one harmonious workflow. The add-on is particularly indispensable for teachers, aiming to make working in Blender much easier and more intuitive.

FxNodes FxNodes

Shader tools

, FxNodes is an add-on designed to enhance the capabilities of Blender’s Shader Editor.

Procedural Slime Procedural Slime

Slime effects

, Procedural Slime facilitates the generation of dynamic slime effects between objects, adjusting in real-time to object transformations.