3DMousePlus is and Add-o designed for transforming objects in Blender using a 3DConnexion mouse.

Key features:

  • 3DConnexion Mouse Support: Specifically designed to work with a 3DConnexion mouse, enhancing the object transformation process in Blender.
  • Tool Activation: The tool is activated by selecting an object and pushing a button on the 3D mouse.
  • Transformation Modes: Includes “rotation only” and “translation only” modes, toggled using the right button on the 3D mouse. The left button re-enables both translation and rotation.
  • Bend Mode: Features a “bend mode” for armatures, which can be toggled using the space bar while using the tool.
  • Exit Transform Mode: Users can exit transform mode using ESC, Enter, or left/right mouse buttons.
  • Configuration Options: All options are available in the add-on preferences panel in the settings, including axis flipping or inverting, sensitivity adjustments, and disabling movement relative to viewport axes.