3D Survey Collection

3D Survey Collection is an add-on designed to enhance the workflow of 3D surveys, whether they are terrestrial or derived from UAV photogrammetry.

Key Features:

  • Importers Panel: Enables the import of multiple OBJs simultaneously with the correct orientation, suitable for models from software like Photoscan, Meshroom, or Zephir 3D. Additionally, it facilitates the import of points from a txt file, such as those from a topographic survey conducted with a total station or DGPS, with an option to shift the values of world coordinates.
  • Exporters Panel: Provides tools for exporting various data formats.
  • Quick Utils Panel: Allows for quick toggling of lights and assists in handling Cycles/GLSL materials, offering the ability to create cycles materials.
  • Photogrammetry Panel: Contains specialized tools for photogrammetry-related tasks.
  • Color Correction Panel: Dedicated to tools for color adjustment and correction.
  • LOD Generator Panel: Features related to the generation of Levels of Detail (LOD) for 3D models.