3D Survey Collection is an add-on that simplifies tasks involved in the management and optimization of archaeological and architectural 3D records. It is particularly useful for transforming extensive surveys into real-time oriented assets for use in game engines like Unreal, Unity, and Godot.

Key features:

  • Importers Panel: Enables the import of multiple OBJs at once, such as models made in Photoscan, Meshroom, or Zephyr 3D, and the import of points as empty objects from a TXT file, like a topographic survey.
  • Exporters Panel: Provides functionalities for exporting 3D models and other data.
  • Quick Utils Panel: Offers fast utilities for tasks like turning on/off lights and dealing with Cycles/GLSL materials.
  • Photogrammetry Panel: Enhances the visual quality of photogrammetric surveys with interactive tools like paint from cameras and color correction.
  • Color Correction Panel: Integrates different surveys made under varying light conditions, offering color correction and texture patching tools.
  • LOD Generator Panel: Segments large models into tiles and creates levels of detail automatically.
  • Georeferenced Data Management: Manages georeferenced GPS and Total Station data points, integrating with BlenderGIS for shifting parameters.
  • 3D Scene Complexity Management: Handles the complexity of 3D scenes and models virtual reconstruction hypotheses.
  • Customized Import and Export Tools: Specialized tools for importing and exporting 3D models tailored to archaeological and architectural needs.