3D Scan Cleaner is a Blender add-on designed to streamline the process of cleaning and optimizing 3D scans, significantly reducing memory usage and improving performance. The tool makes it possible to clean scans in just a few clicks, saving time and resources.

Key features:

  • Clean Geometry: Simplify geometry with adjustable parameters:
    • Decimate Ratio: Control the level of geometry simplification without noticeable changes.
    • Floor Height: Adjust vertical geometry removal to delete the ground included in scans.
    • X/Y Cut: Remove unnecessary geometry along the X and Y axes.
  • Memory Savings: Achieve up to 80% memory savings by optimizing scans.
  • Apply Changes: Decimate geometry, delete floor and XY sides, and remove extra mesh islands with the Apply function.
  • Reset Modifiers: Reset changes to delete applied modifiers if needed.
  • Fix Texture: Repair stretched or missing textures using the Texture Paint viewer and Cloner tool:
    • Cloner Tool: Copy textures from well-textured areas to problematic spots.
    • Save Image: Ensure to save the image after making texture corrections.
  • Instance Geometry: Reuse optimized scans in scenes without increasing data load:
    • Instance Creation: Create instances of scans to avoid data duplication.
    • Randomization: Randomize instances to prevent repetition in the scene.