3D Content Upskill

3D Content Upskill
3D content creation – Upskill

Possibly you here to see how you can upskill your experience producing 3D Content. That’s why I designed this page “3D Content Upskill” for you, to discover some options for that. As you might noticed, 3D designers are getting more in demand in many markets. For example video marketing, games, 3D printing, assets for 3D applications, architectural- and product- visualisation.

Until now 3D content creation applications like 3Ds Max were used the most, but there is a big trend towards open source software. The open source software is interesting, because you can practise for free with 3D software. The software I am talking about is Blender 3D software. You might think that free software can’t be serious. But what if you tell you that Blender got funds for more than 100.000 euro each month by companies like NVIDIA, AMD, Unity, Epic, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Google, Ubuntu, and a big list of other names. But I continue with some possibilities I can give.

Blender 3D software for free

Blender is free and will always be free and the user community is huge. You can take a look at Blender’s official page and there are a bunch of other website (like this website) where you can get more info and resources. Before you are going to download Blender, I tell you something about releases. There is one release at the moment that will be maintained for longer time. And that is version 2.83. That means that version 2.83 is the most stable release and many users are using it.

Then, at the moment of writing, there is version 2.90 (and soon 2.91) available with some more features. But don’t worry, it will take you quite a while before you get a grasp of all the features in Blender 2.83. To give you an impression: I use Blender for nearly 7 years intensively and still I have the idea I know 70% of it. The list of features are huge, and I should say huuuuuge!

How to learn Blender software

Now that you have Blender software on your pc, next question is how to learn it. There are several ways, here a few examples:

All the ways are fine, it might depend on how fast you want to learn Blender. Just one tip I want to give when you search tutorials is to check if they are not to old. If they are older then a year, you better look for a newer one.

Making a living with Blender – Example

  • How to stay productive in Blender. What is tricky, is that Blender has so many features that you might get lost in in all these features (counter productive). So that article gives you some tips.
  • How to make a living with Blender. I guess I am a few of the lucky guys that made a living out of a hobby. And it’s still a hobby. I am very proud that not everything I do needs to make money. There are many things I do for free, like setting up this website, maintain it, make an addon for free, support some other’s with their projects, etc. That’s the power of open source. One thing I want you to know is: Blender community is a community you need to know and understand before you want them to support your ideas. Boldly said: forget your marketing ideas when you want to approach Blender users, because that won’t work. I think a little mind shift is need, unless you find another market (Archviz, product visualisation, video-explainers, etc).


I will frequently update this article “3D Content Upskill ” with more information and tips. Meanwhile, if you have more questions you can always reach out to me. See the social buttons on the top of my page.

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