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Launch Control Launch Control

Auto car rig

, Launch Control (LC) is an add-on crafted to streamline the rigging and animation of 4-wheeled vehicles. It integrates seamlessly with Blender, offering an interface that combines ease of use with comprehensive customization options. Through a blend of presets and automated functions, LC accelerates the animation workflow, allowing for real-time physics…

Pose2Sim Blender Pose2Sim Blender

Pose2Sim results visualization

, Pose2Sim is an add-on tailored for visualizing Pose2Sim results, an open-source pipeline designed for 3D motion analysis from consumer-grade cameras like phones, webcams, and GoPros. The add-on is particularly useful for researchers and professionals in biomechanics, enabling the visualization of camera calibration, markers, and OpenSim data within Blender.

Pro Align Tools Pro Align Tools

Alignment tools

, Pro Align Tools is an add-on designed to enhance the alignment process of multiple objects within the 3D viewport. It offers flexible alignment options by utilizing the geometric relationships between objects.

Postgrammetry Postgrammetry

3D scans into assets

, Postgrammetry focuses on transforming 3D scans into usable assets.

Material Replacer Material Replacer

Batch material replacement

, Material Replacer is an add-on designed to streamline the workflow in projects involving multiple materials, especially in collaborative environments. It addresses the challenge of replacing materials across a scene efficiently, a task that becomes increasingly complex with the scale of the project.

VichoTools VichoTools

V modding tools

, VichoTools is an add-on designed to facilitate V modding, offering a range of features for working with GTA-related assets.

Drag & Drop Import Drag & Drop Import

Import tools

, Drag & Drop Import is an add-on that facilitates the importation of various file types into Blender by allowing users to drag files from their file explorer and drop them into Blender’s 3D Viewport or Outliner. The add-on streamlines the workflow by eliminating the need to navigate through menus for…

Tabs interface Tabs interface

Convert UI panels into tabs

, The Tabs Interface add-on transforms the Blender UI by converting all panels into tabs with a fixed order. It aims to streamline the user interface, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Vse Archiver Vse Archiver

Video projects backup tools

, VSE Archiver is a Blender add-on designed for efficient backup and archiving of video projects. It automates the collection of all used footage into a structured folder, relinks media in a new blend file, and organizes the project into a streamlined backup folder ready for archiving or client sharing.

Keyboard Layout Editor for Blender Keyboard Layout Editor for Blender

Keyboard layout importation

, Keyboard Layout Editor for Blender is an add-on that enables the importation of keyboard layouts into Blender for 3D rendering. It is designed to work with .json files from the Keyboard Layout Editor website, allowing users to visualize and render their custom keyboard designs.