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Add On The Fly Add On The Fly

Reach main data of active object

, Add-on The Fly is a Blender add-on that enhances the workflow for managing properties of various object types within Blender. It provides a streamlined approach to accessing and modifying the main properties of active objects, including Camera, Light, Mesh, Curve, Empty, Text, and Render Settings.

glslTexture glslTexture

2D textures from GLSL

, glslTexture is a Blender add-on crafted for creating 2D textures from GLSL.

Realscale Camera Realscale Camera

3D print tools

, RealScale Camera is a Blender add-on designed to assist artists in achieving accurate real-world scale in 3D models, particularly beneficial for creating miniatures and figures for 3D printing. It uses common items like credit cards for calibration, ensuring that the dimensions and proportions of models align with real-world measurements.

PBR Texture Mapper PBR Texture Mapper

PBR node setup tool

, PBR Texture Mapper is an add-on that facilitates the creation of a PBR node setup for Cycles or Eevee. It automates the process of connecting image texture nodes to the principled shader, streamlining the workflow and saving time.

Trending Color Palettes Trending Color Palettes

Color palettes

, Trending Color Palettes is an add-on that offers 192 color palettes. Users can easily choose a palette that aligns with their project’s theme.

Pseudo Object Layer Pseudo Object Layer

Object grouping utility

, Pseudo Object Layer is a Blender Add-on designed for quick and temporary object grouping. The add-on aims to simplify the workflow by providing a temporary layer system to declutter the outliner.

Vertex Oven Vertex Oven

Color baking

, Vertex Oven is an add-on that enables the baking of ambient occlusion directly to vertex colors and vertex groups.

Zen Sets Zen Sets

Groups management & visualization

, Zen Sets is a versatile add-on designed for creating, managing, and visualizing various group types in Blender, including native Vertex Groups, Face Maps, and custom Zen Sets Groups. These groups can be based on a range of elements such as Objects, Collections, and specific Mesh Element selections. The add-on offers…

Principled Baker Principled Baker

, Principled-Baker is a Blender add-on that simplifies the PBR texture baking process. It automatically detects and bakes various inputs, offering manual selection, three baking modes, and additional features for a streamlined workflow.

Node Titles Node Titles

Animated text

, Node Titles is an add-on that enhances the capabilities of creating animated text using geometry nodes. It is designed to assist animators, architects, and designers in incorporating dynamic text animations into their projects.