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Mast rigging generator Mast rigging generator

Automate rigging for ship masts

, Mast Rigging Generator is an add-on that automates the creation of rigging for ship masts, enabling artists to save time by not having to model each rope manually.

Headus UVlayout Bridge Headus UVlayout Bridge

UV unwrapping

, Headus UVlayout Bridge is a bridge between Blender and Headus UVlayout, specifically designed for quick UV unwrapping.

Natural Elements Natural Elements

Vegetation library

, Natural Elements is a comprehensive vegetation library for Blender, paired with the Flow 4 Pro add-on, designed to streamline the creation of natural environments. With over 250 models and 50 unique materials, this library offers a wide range of realistic natural assets, including trees, shrubs, grasses, weeds, flowers, and rocks,…

io_scene_gzrs2 io_scene_gzrs2

Import & edit GunZ content

, io-scene-gzrs2 is an add-on designed for importing and working with content from GunZ: The Duel RealSpace2/3. It is intended for users who wish to visualize, modify, or prepare GunZ content for modern game engines.

Quick Easy Animate Quick Easy Animate

Animation tools

, Quick Easy Animate is an add-on designed to simplify the animation process. It offers a straightforward way to use F-curve modifiers for various types of animations, from helicopter movements to levitating objects. It is especially useful for those who need to quickly set up animations without getting into the complexities…

Portrait Lighting Studio Portrait Lighting Studio

Portrait lighting set-up

, Portrait Lighting Studio is an add-on that simplifies the process of setting up portrait-style lighting.

Quick Mocap Quick Mocap

Import & clean motion capture Mocap Pose data

, QuickMocap is a Blender add-on designed to import and clean motion capture (Mocap) pose data from .npz or .pkl files

Blender One Addon Pack Blender One Addon Pack

10 add-ons pack

, The Blender One Addon Pack consolidates ten distinct add-ons.

Light Field Rendering Blender Plugin Light Field Rendering Blender Plugin

Synthesize render light field

, The Light Field Rendering Blender Plugin assists in creating and rendering light fields.

Procedural Sci Fi City Generator Blender Geometry Nodes Procedural Sci Fi City Generator Blender Geometry Nodes

Sci-fi City creation

, The Procedural Sci-Fi City Generator is a modifier, designed for the seamless generation of diverse Sci-fi cities.