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Glared Glared

Cinematic light effects

, Glared is a Blender add-on designed to generate cinematic light effects such as glow, ghosts, and streaks, using the existing scene as a base. It excels in real-time applications, allowing users to apply and preview effects directly in the 3D viewport on both 3D scenes and photos or videos.

HDRI-lighting-shortcut HDRI-lighting-shortcut

HDRI lighting tools

, HDRI Lighting Shortcut is an add-on that provides an easy way to set up HDRI lighting in scenes. It simplifies the process of loading an image and making adjustments to achieve the desired lighting effect.

Simply Stitch Simply Stitch

Stitches creation

, Simply Stitch is an add-on designed for creating stitches on meshes. It enhances the quality of cloth objects, setting the stage for further detailing and texture painting.

Remove Background Remove Background

Remove background from a movie / image

, Remove Background is an add-on that enables users to remove the background from a movie or image strip within Blender’s VSE.

Gradient Sampler Gradient Sampler

Create color ramps

, Gradient Sampler is a Blender add-on that allows users to create color ramps by stroking over a reference image.

Mirror To Instance Mirror To Instance

Convert mirror modifiers into instances

, Mirror To Instance is an add-on useful for those who regularly need to convert mirror modifiers into instances. It automates the process and maintains the original settings of the mirrored objects, excluding geometry merging and clipping.

Blender Animation Retargeting Blender Animation Retargeting

Animation tools

, Blender Animation Retargeting is an add-on that enables the transfer of animations and poses from one armature to another.

Blender Python Renderer Blender Python Renderer

GPU renderer

, Blender Python Renderer is a GPU renderer, written purely in Python and designed for prototyping and research.

Blender-O3D-IO Blender-O3D-IO

Import / export OMSI .sco, .cfg, and .o3d

, Blender-O3D-IO is an add-on that supports importing and exporting OMSI .sco, .cfg, and .o3d files. It’s designed to enhance the workflow for users working with OMSI (Omnibus Simulator) models in Blender.

Geonode Builder Geonode Builder

Geometry nodes creation

, GeoNode Builder is an experimental scripting add-on for Blender’s geometry nodes.