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True Time Remapping True Time Remapping

Control playback & render speed

, True Time Remapping is a Blender add-on that provides full control over playback and render speed. It supports multiple render engines, allows keyframe-able speed adjustments, and offers advanced features for handling motion blur and multi-scene setups.

Acs – Stair Generator Acs – Stair Generator

Stair generator

, Acs – Stair Generator is a procedural tool designed for creating various types of staircases quickly and easily. It saves time in architectural scenes, offering a non-destructive workflow with versatile customization options.

Pro Aligner Pro Aligner

Align any object with a click

, Pro Aligner is a Blender add-on designed to align any object with just a click, even after applying the rotation.

Import EDL Import EDL

Import EDL

, Import EDL is an add-on for Blender that facilitates the importation of video and audio into the Blender Video Sequencer using an EDL file.

Render Time Estimation Add-On Render Time Estimation Add-On

Time management

, Render Time Estimation Add-On is designed for users who wish to manage their time efficiently and like to have numerical insights into their render processes. It integrates seamlessly into Blender’s GUI, providing valuable information about estimated remaining render times for individual frames or video sequences.

Blender Paint Layers Blender Paint Layers

Layering system for painting

, Blender Paint Layers is an add-on that provides a layering system for Blender’s Texture Paint mode. It allows users to add, remove, reorder, and perform other operations on layers, automatically updating the material’s node setup accordingly.

Afx2Blend Afx2Blend

VFX tools

, Afx2Blend is an add-on for VFX Blender artists, designed to synchronize cameras quickly between After Effects and Blender. With just three simple steps, it seamlessly transfers camera and null data from After Effects to Blender.

Blendermania Blendermania

Trackmania2020 & maniaplanet tools

, Blendermania is an add-on designed for Trackmania2020 and ManiaPlanet, enhancing the Blender experience by streamlining various tasks related to game content creation and export.

Cg Trader Asset Browser Cg Trader Asset Browser

CG Trader's library in Blender

, CG Trader Asset Browser is an add-on that allows users to access CG Trader’s library of over 215,000 free, high-quality models directly within Blender. It simplifies the search, preview, and download process, eliminating the need to open a web browser.

Mesh History Mesh History

Save mesh versions

, Mesh History is a Blender add-on that allows users to save different versions of their mesh. This is particularly useful for sculpting when there is a need to save previous steps or test different ideas. Unlike shape keys, Mesh History permits deleting and remeshing without limitations.